Moving Supplies & Equipment

Getting ready for a big move across the country or just across town.  We’ve got all the moving supplies and equipment you need.

Small Box  - 1 ½ ft³ capacity, great for books, CD’s, DVD’s, canned goods, tools

Medium Box  -  3 ft³ capacity, great for small kitchen appliances, photo albums, collectibles, toys

Large Box  -  4 ½ ft³ capacity, great for computer equipment, electronics, lamps, clothing

Wardrobe Box  -  12 ½ ft³ capacity, 24 inch w/ bar included

Rope – 50 ft

Clear Ploy Tape – 165 ft


Twin Mattress Cover

Queen Mattress Cover 

Hand TruckSave your back and make moving much easier and faster with a sturdy hand truck.

Furniture PadsKeep your furniture and other cherished belongings safe and sound, free from scratches and dings, during transport.

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